• From inside a gallery, click on the photograph you want and click on the green Buy button in the lower right corner when you move your mouse down there, to see your options.

• You have the choice to purchase just that photograph (This Photo) or to choose multiple photos from the gallery (Photos From This Gallery). If packages are available, that will be another choice.


• The following screen will default to the Prints tab but you can change to the Merchandise or Downloads tab.

• Under prints, the most common choices are shown but there are buttons below the tabs to switch to square sizes and other choices. There is a filter column on the left to choose to see only a certain finish or style.

• Once you find the size and finish you want, click the arrows to adjust the quantity.

• If you decide you want to purchase more photographs, you may click the back button to return to the gallery and the item will remain in your shopping cart. If you want to more sizes of the same photograph, continue with the next step.

• If you're finished, click the checkout button to go to your shopping cart and continue to step 1 below.


• The following screen will allow you to pick multiple images from the screen. Click on each one you want, in order to highlight them.

• The size defaults to 4x6 so use the Change product button on the right to make a different size choice or to choose merchandise or downloads. If you want multiple print sizes of the same image, you can do that in the next step. If you want multiple copies of each print, adjust the amount under Quantity. When done, click Add Photos to Cart. On the resulting screen, if ready to check out, click Go to Cart and follow step 1 below to go to your shopping cart.

TO BUY A PHOTO PACKAGE (if applicable - prints only)

• The following screen presents you with the different packages to choose from. Check the box to the left of your choice, then click the Continue button.

• Because you are not restricted to one image for your package, the next screen allows you to pick which image you want for each size print.

• When all images have been chosen, click the Add to Cart button and continue with step 1 below.

Step 1) From the shopping cart screen, click the green plus "Add products" button to add additional sizes of the same photograph. You can also still change quantities here.

Step 2) For any image showing a white box around it, that means the image need to be cropped in order to fit the size print you chose. If you want to change the default that shows on the screen, click the adjust button next to it.

Step 3) To checkout, click the checkout or the PayPal button. If you want to keep shopping, click the Continue Browsing button in the upper right.

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